Generate impactful human-centred AI products.

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We empower enterprises to generate AI  Products that positively impact the human experience.

Impact AI

Deliver AI that is positive for humans.


Have the impact at the core of your AI products. Impact Intelligence lets you understand how your product will affect your business and users.

AI Governance

Get a helping hand to navigate through the globally growing AI regulations. Automatically embrace opportunities, mitigate risks and meet compliance.

Generative AI

Grow your team stronger. No matter how much AI experience you have, utilise our Impact Builder to generate no-code templates for your AI product.

Unleash the power of AI with Impact Gen AI

Say goodbye to the hassle of coding and hello to effortless development. Simply engage with our cutting-edge Generative AI to design products, and modules, measure impact and streamline workflows, all without a single line of code. 

Impact Gen AI

Embrace the value of AI with Impact Intelligence.

Connect your product and take advantage of our advanced impact analytics to fully understand its impact on business, humans, and society. Our team simplifies the process by translating comprehensive frameworks into manageable workflows, making it simple for tech customers to stay compliant.

Impact Intelligence

Enhance product development with the Impact Builder.

Effortlessly create end-to-end AI products with the help of our generative AI. Speed up the process with no-code templates, data, modules, and models at your fingertips, and trust our generative AI to handle the rest. 

Impact Builder

Deploy better AI products in a fraction of the time 

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