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Comfort and safety for humans will be the core values of any successful product in the future. We make sure the ROI means more than just a stellar number.


Humans are complex. To make AI inclusive and assist us, technology needs a trustworthy way to understand all of us better.


With the power of many, best-in-class technology can be used for the good of all. Our partners and we believe that true impact needs collaboration.


Everything under one roof, collaborate, access, and co-create with Researchers, Enterprises, Start-ups, and Creators and accelerate time to market.

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Start with a simple question to spark a product idea.  Explore your options, choose from templates or create your own.


Choose your path

Pick your own strategy. Choose from models, and data, make the right decisions and build powerful AI products.


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Create a blueprint for your human-centric AI product. Leverage tech from ecosystem partners. See the impact you create!


Deploy better AI products in a fraction of the time 

All your human data.

In one secure place.

No more data pain. Access all available open-source and paid human-centric datasets or upload your own. Manage, view, analyse and collaborate on your data. Ingest any data through our Human API. Keep your human data secure using our patented security and privacy-preserving pseudonymisation system.

100+ Datasets

Build great AI products.

Fast. Easy. Together.

Focus your fusion teams. Bring your superstars from product, technology, AI and business together to quickly deliver impactful prototypes. Power your development with easily integrated processes. Leverage our Contextual AI algorithms to speed up your workflows and enhance productivity.

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Deliver beautiful AI.

That anyone can build.

Welcome to the no-/low-code generation. Deliver unique AI products, with all the bells and whistles of dev tools, without the dev tools. You - yes you too business pal - can package all components, and models easily into an AI product, by leveraging our platform and partner integrations.

No Code

Let's create magic.

We do the infrastructure.

MLOps and Deployments made easy. All the power of MLOps available in a simple-to-use manner. Build, train, deploy and monitor your AI models to bring your product to life. Ensure data drift and bias are corrected, and more. Design no-code engineering pipelines. We manage the infrastructure so you don't have to.


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